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Glenda’s Christmas Cottage History

HPIM1413In 1974 Glenda & Jim Cox purchased Glenda’s parents 10 acre farm on Mt. Lehman Rd. “Hobby” was the operative word as together they converted the old dairy/poultry farm into a home for the family of 4. They dabbled in the raising of pigs, cows, laying hens and most preciously horses, the latter of which the children entered into Mt. Lehman 4-H horse Club. The kids went on to winning many ribbons and trophies which they proudly displayed on the walls and ceiling of the 60 year old milk house. It was converted into their “tack shack” and was later to become Glenda’s Christmas Cottage.

After her kids left to attend university, Glenda looked for a purpose of motivation in her day to day activities. That’s when Jim suggested converting the 135 sq. ft. tack shack into a home based retail Christmas store, seeing that they were both “kind of Christmas Nuts”. The thought further piqued our interest because over the years we had enjoyed families coming to our farm to choose u-pick Christmas trees that we grew and sold (we no longer sell Christmas trees) using the proceeds to purchase our family Christmas gifts. At first Glenda wasn’t all that interested, but her attitude soon changed when she experienced the success in her first year, as there were many occasions where she had to stand outside the store to make room for her clientele. That was in 1998 that she opened, and we have since added 4 more rooms to her expanding business to display numerous unique Christmas items that would be hard to find anywhere else.

c_3 (2)The store has a long and interesting history. Her employees (including her daughter and granddaughters) treat the Cottage as their own as many have been with her almost from the beginning. Her loyal customers, many of who have patronized her store over the years brought their children and now their grandchildren to this annual Christmas tradition. The support they have provided has been tremendous, proven some years ago when the City gave her notice to close as she was in contravention to city by-laws. At that time the city council received over 400 letters & notes in support of her store. Further to that it was a feature item on a CTV broadcast depicting council as the “Grinch Wanting to Steal Christmas”. Needless to say after many meetings with the ALR and City Council she was given special zoning and as a result was one, if not the first.

And here we are in 2017 celebrating Glenda’s Christmas Cottage’s 28th Anniversary…

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